Body Bronzing

Mojo uses a synergy of botanicals, vitamins and aloe vera, designed to renew your skin as it tans. Excellent for both facial and body applications, light and airy for a sun kissed glow. The solution used is dermatologist recommended, and does not contain oil or alcohol. The formulation is streak free, non-greasy, and quick drying. This will work on all skin types, simultaneously creating a beautiful, deep, natural looking tan while moisturizing and renewing the skin.

Spray tanning session only takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Protect Your Skin

Due to the dangers of excessive exposure to the sun, such as the risk of skin cancer, brown spots and premature aging, spray tanning has become a popular alternative to tanning via the sun and Mojo strongly recommends this treatment.

Home Care Advice

  • Wear loose, dark clothing after treatment.
  • Any transfer of solution to clothing will wash out. It is recommended to do so asap before the color has a chance to set.
  • Wait a minimum of 8 hours before bathing/showering to allow the color to fully develop.
  • Exfoliate!!! Prior to the tan for best results. Exfoliation treatments are available. Please ask.
  • Hydrate! Use plenty of moisturizer – slows the skins exfoliation process.
  • Tan should last 5-7 days on average.

Group Events

Mojo does provide special rates for group bronzing events.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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