Wow! What a great experience. I may never go to a spa again! I couldn’t believe that the prices were the same and the service was AT MY HOME. Mojo Mobile Spa came to my home to do the treatments for me. My feet are soft and my toes are pretty, my  eyebrows are perfect. Thank you Tessa!

Christine Gelar


Thanks for the wonderful tan. I love it! :)

Leanne Davis


I love having Jenn from Mojo Mobile Spa come to my place to give me a massage. Jenn and everyone from Mojo Mobile Spa is so professional and I love how they fit into your schedule. Thank you Jenn! Can’t wait till next time you come!

Janet Clarke


A short while ago I had a manicure and pedicure done by Tessa. It was a wonderfully calming experience. She was very courteous and compassionate in her service. She has an amazing knack at making you feel very comfortable. The fact that she comes into your home to help you is great. I was a little apprehensive at first, but am extremely glad I did it. Not once did I feel that she uncomfortable with her surroundings which helped to make sure I was comfortable with her being there in my home.

I would recommend her to anyone interested in using this sort of experience. She was incredibly easy to talk with as I felt I could ask her anything and expect an honest, sincere response.


Lorna McInnes



The art of making ladies happy can be bewildering – a frustrating dilemma because a happy wife truly is a happy life. Thank you for helping me have a happy life – Lucy so looks forward to being pampered in the comfort of her own home.

And my clients have enjoyed being spoilt as well – your gift vouchers have turned out to be an awesome way to make them feel special.

You have a fantastic talent for making ladies realise that they are special – Thank You

Kind Regards,

Richard Nash



I have great admiration and respect for Tessa Patko and what she has done with Mojo Mobile Spa in the past 3 years.

Tessa has tapped into a niche market that is growing by going to her market share and making it easy for her clients to enjoy a little piece of heavenly relaxation, whether in their home, on the road or in their workplace for employee rewards.

Tessa is always sharpening her vision of what her business should look like and works tirelessly to achieve her goals.

Tessa’s innovative marketing and thinking outside the box has resulted in creating great marketing strategies which has created an explosion of growth in her business.

Tessa has an eye for choosing the right people to represent her company and making the overall Mojo Mobile Spa experience one your want to refer to friends and family.

Keep up the great work Tessa you are amazing!!!!

Kindest Regards,

Debbie Murphy


Six months ago, I hadn’t ever had a manicure because of my lifetime nail biting habit.  I was embarrassed to show my fingers to anyone but I was encouraged to try Mojo Mobile Spa by a friend and I’m so pleased that I did.

Tessa, the owner, made me feel completely at ease.  She had called to confirm my appointment and was on time and set up my home efficiently and turned it into a very effective space for her to work.  She enabled me to relax and enjoy the time she spent with me by being professional and engaging to talk to and by giving excellent advice on how to maintain the look and feel of my newly shaped and filed finger nails.

She has continued to visit for the last six months and I’m happy to report that my nails are no longer bitten and are instead a feature of pride!  I’d like to thank Tessa for making such a big change in my life.

Best regards,

Nanette Johnston



I have known Tessa for 5 years. I was very excited to hear she was beginning her own business venture after her training at Blanche MacDonald. I admire Tessa’s entrepreneurial efforts and especially her dedication to give back to her community.   I know from my conversations with her that quality and integrity are her top priorities. She began her business to fill a need in the community – providing services that many people could not leave their home to obtain.

Her vibrant personality certainly adds to the provision of her services.  As a client, I know she makes her clients feel comfortable as her services are provided. Tessa always offers her talents to charitable organizations that are supporting community needs – through gift certificates or complimentary massages during charity golf tournaments.

I am always encouraged by the outstanding youth who look beyond their own interests to the interests of others who are in need. Even as a brand new business woman, Tessa has had her heart out to others. It is wonderful that she became an employer of others early on in her business. It is also important to know that she shares her expertise by training her staff so they can provide exceptional service with integrity.

Tessa is an outstanding young entrepreneur.

Christine Brodie


Tessa has demonstrated that she has all of the skills that are required to be entrepreneurial. She is self-motivated as evidenced by getting her business past the start-up phase. She is a very brave young woman. She loves her service and her products, and so she should. Tessa makes her clients’ needs a huge priority when directly delivering her services and ensures that her sub-contractors are trained and taught to ensure that Mojo’s Mobile Spa services are delivered in a friendly, comfortable, relaxing, professional way.

Tessa isn’t afraid to sell, I have witnessed her go out and shake the trees and look for business, witnessed her build networks that help provide her with the sources of referrals and potential staff that will deliver the products in a seamless way while growing her business. Tessa can easily identify area;s that she might need 3rd party support (planning, technical) and she has not hesitated to set up strategic alliances with other service providers to ensure that she has all of the areas covered that are necessary to grow her business. She is resourceful.

She demonstrates the leadership qualities it takes to grow a solid business that she started from ‘scratch’ and be a phenomenal leader for that business. Tessa likes to work and does not tire easily. She faces challenges head on. She does not quit, however, she is resilient enough to find another way to accomplish a goal if at first she did not succeed. She is nimble. She is able to plan, and then keep her eye on the ball, in order to achieve the goals of the company. Tessa is extremely organized.

Tessa has also made ‘giving’ to others a big part of her business, from the very beginning, I have seen Mojo Mobile Spa at fundraising events giving chair massages with the donation going to the charity. Tessa donates gift certificates to other fundraising efforts. I have seen her share other stories and opportunities for others to give back through social media, The very nature of her business could be used for the good of the community as it grows, by providing services to shut in’s and the elderly.

Warm Regards,

Chris Pughe